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Being from central NY, we never had to worry about hurricanes, but we had a rare tornado throughout the years. Living the coastal life there are many other things you think about, trees being one of them.

A few weeks prior to Hurricane Ian making landfall in South Carolina I had contacted a couple of companies to come out and give an estimate on cutting down three trees that could land on our house if the conditions were right. They never showed. The week prior to Ian I saw some one on FB recommended A+ Tree and Landscape, so I shot them a message. Low and behold, they answered the same day, a Saturday, and were out the same afternoon for an estimate. The estimate was texted to me later that night with a few options.

I was told they were booked out a couple week, but that was okay. It is what it is. I knew instantly I should have contacted them first!

Ian arrived and we had wind and rain, but it, thankfully, was not much worse than a normal storm. One of the three trees fell, thankfully towards the wetlands and not the house. That left 2. One was a little tricky because of the rot it had. The other was just very tall and split into two. Less than two weeks after David originally came to give me an estimate, they arrived to cut the two other trees.

David, Krystal and their team showed up this past week and cut down the trees we had left standing. Their team listened to us when we said the approximate way we would like them to fall, if possible and made it happen. He chunked up the wood, as asked and cleaned up the brush. His crew was polite and professional. We could not be happier with the job that was done.

I will feel much better when we have high wind gusts that my home will be spared of trees.

If you are in Brunswick County and need tree or landscaping service, I highly recommend A+ Tree and Landscape. Tell them I sent you!!

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