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Would you go to court without a lawyer?

Are you looking to purchase a home? Do you have a real estate agent representing you? If not, why? Many people go into new construction communities or to builders without representation because the onsite agent can help them. Yes, they can help them, but is it the best option for you?

If the real estate firm and its agents represent you, they must • promote your best interests • be loyal to you • follow your lawful instructions • provide you with all material facts that could influence your decisions • use reasonable skill, care and diligence, and • account for all monies they handle for you. Once you have agreed (either orally or in writing) for the firm and its agents to be your buyer agent, they may not give any confidential information about you to sellers or their agents during the agency relationship without your permission. But until you make this agreement with your buyer agent, you should avoid telling the agent anything you would not want a seller to know.

That being said, an agent represents you and works for you. They look out for your best interests. The on-site agent works for the seller. Their loyalty is first to the builder.

I have worked with several builders and have established a great relationship with them. I'd be happy to show you around and introduce you to the on-site sales staff. It costs you nothing!!

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