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Why I became a real estate agent

I often get asked why I became a real estate agent. The answer is actually quite simple. It is something I wanted to do from an early age, but with having children who participate in sports, being a military spouse, and having a good paying job, etc., it was never an ideal time.

Once we moved, the kids were grown, no more shuffling off to sports each night it was time. I was able to jump in and get my license and start selling real estate. I was so happy to help people obtain the dream of home ownership, buy their beach home, fulfill their dreams.

However, showing homes isn't the only thing real estate agents do. We have to do research, a lot of research on the properties our clients wish to purchase. If it is land, does the land perk for a septic system? Are there wetlands? is it a woodpecker zone? The list goes on. Writing an offer is a skill in it's own. You have to try to figure out what the seller is looking for in terms of price, due diligence fee, earnest money and time frame. After the offer is written, and accepted, there is still more work to do. Schedule inspections, review them, negotiate based off from them, survey's, etc. Consulting with the closing attorney and mortgage officer. Anything to help protect your buyer. As an agent I deal with people's expectations daily.

You want to list your home? It isn't as easy as coming in with my phone and snapping some pictures. It is gathering the legal information about your home, its systems, and structures. Making sure I understand the sellers wishes. Ordering professional pictures, as they make a huge difference. Writing the home story, set up scheduling, enter into MLS, and the list goes on. Fielding questions from the seller and potential buyer agents. The hours are not 9-5!!

I became a real estate agent to learn everything I can about the area I live in and surrounding areas. I want to help people fulfill their real estate dreams, whatever they may be. I want them to feel like family. I want to fall asleep at night knowing I have done the best job I can for all parties involved. I am lucky to work with an awesome group of agents that are helpful and supportive. They make my days easier.

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