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When your ride or die, doesn't like to ride!!

Meet Mya! She is my 4 year old Maltese/poodle mix. I got her to be my ride or die. I wanted her to fit in my hoodie pocket and take her everywhere! Well, little did I know, that Mya would grow to 13 pounds and hate to ride in a car! She pants before we have even left the driveway and doesn't stop until we get to the destination.

Every six to eight weeks Mya has to get into the car and take a 15 - 20 minute ride to Kat's Professional Grooming in Holden Beach. I picked this groomer because of her great reviews and the fact that while Mya is getting groomed, I can go to the beach! She is located directly across from the beautiful Holden Beach. Who wouldn't want to enjoy that? Well, this has not happened, not even once!! Every time she has an appointment it is raining or threatening to rain. So, spa day for Mya, nothing for Mom!!

Not getting beach time is okay with me, because I know my baby is taken care of while she is getting groomed. She has been going to Kat for over a year and I am always pleased with the outcome. Mya cannot wait to go in and see the ladies, so I know she feels comfortable too!

The weather on appointment day is kind of a joke. Kat even said to me one time, "I knew Mya was coming because it was going to storm"! So, now I count Mya's spa days as non-beach days!!

If you are in the Holden Beach area and in need of a groomer, give Kat's Professional Grooming a call!

Check out my video of Mya's trip to the groomer!

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