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What. A. Transformation!!

Remember the DIY fall projects I discussed a couple of weeks ago? Well we have been hitting that list. What have we accomplished so far? We have painted the front door, pressure washed the house (thanks to my son and friends) and sealed our garage floors.

I love the look of sealed floors. But it isn't all about the look. When your concrete floor is sealed you can easily wipe things up and clean them. This is something we have wanted to do since we moved into our home. We moved into our home quickly in December 2019. My husband and son had been living in our toy hauler for the past 3 months. I lived in an apartment with Mya in NY. I came to NC two days before our closing date, so moving in was a huge goal. It was less than a week before Christmas and getting settled in was all that was on our mind. That being said, we didn't take the time to seal our garage floor prior to loading it up with dirt bikes and other stuff. Over the past nearly two years, the floor has had oil, wine, etc. spilled on it.

I had a company come out and give an estimate. They said they needed to grind the floor down so EVERYTHING in the garage needed to be removed. That seemed like a large feat. After some research and talking to others who have done it themselves, we decided we could buy a kit at Lowes and do this ourselves. It started with moving everything to one side of the garage and doing it in two parts. After pressure washing the floor, my husband degreased it and then etched it. Then came a the time to paint the floors and put the color flecks and wait three days to move everything back.

It came out AMAZING!! What's next on the list??? Check back to see!!

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