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Spring has sprung and so has pollen

Along with longer days and flower blooms, we now have to deal with pollen. It is EVERYWHERE! This weekend we had some freezing temperatures, but prior to that the pollen had already collected on my screened porch cushions.

Here are some ideas from Sierra Structures on how to pollen-proof your deck and screened in porch. With the spring season also comes one part of springtime that most people in the Triangle dread: pollen. Anyone who has lived in North Carolina or the South in general has seen that yellow dust accumulate on their cars, sidewalks, driveways and of course on their patios and screened-in porches. At Sierra Structures, we have a few tips that pollen-proof your deck to keep it as free as possible from being coated in yellow.

Here are some of our favorite ideas on pollen-proofing your backyard living space:

  1. Cover all outside furniture with plastic during pollen season. This will keep the furniture from getting dusty.

  2. Consider installing vinyl curtains inside of screened patios. Painter’s drop cloths also work well for this purpose. Both are easy to clean.

  3. Amazon sells adjustable DIY magnetic window screens with a fiberglass mesh that are designed to keep dust like pollen out. Make sure to measure the screen size to order the proper ones.

  4. If the screened in porch has a ceiling fan, keep it running on low. This tends to stop dust from settling easily.

  5. For outside decks, consider installing a misting system. By spraying a light water mist over the patio, the system will catch and control pollen and prevent it from settling on the deck surface.

  6. Scotchgard all cushions for outdoor and patio furniture. This will prevent pollen from staining the surfaces and make it easier to clean off.

However, as anyone in the South will tell you, when it comes to preventing pollen from settling on your deck or porch, nothing is 100% guaranteed. When that happens, cleaning the dust off becomes necessary.

Here are the best tips for quickly cleaning pollen off your deck or screened-in porch:

  1. For decks, hose off the surfaces including any plastic furniture.

  2. For wicker furniture, first vacuum up any loose dust. Then use soap and water to scrub it down. When possible, use a misting hose (not highly pressured) to get inside any nooks.

  3. For cloth surfaces, shake off loose pollen first and then wipe down with a damp wash cloth. Any materials that can be machine washed should be done so.

  4. Clean glass surfaces with a standard window or glass cleaner.

  5. Screens can trap dust. Lightly run a vacuum over screen surfaces but be careful not to damage them in the process.

  6. Sweep screened-in porch surfaces. If using a mop, only use water to prevent a film from building up.

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