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Special closing

Every home closing is something special to the buyer or seller. However, this closing was heartwarming to me. You see, these people first contacted me last year and we put an offer in on a home, but it was at the time that things were escalating quickly and they decided they couldn't do that. I tried to keep in touch with them but didn't hear much.

Fast forward to this spring. They call me and we set up an appointment for them to come down from the Charlotte area. They tell me the story of the husband getting COVID and nearly dying after being in the hospital for several weeks. Long story short, after getting transferred to a large hospital and getting better medicine, he has made a recovery. Hallelujah!

While they were visiting we found the home they were looking for. Naturally it was much more than the previous one, but it was under construction and they were going to be allowed to make some changes to colors and countertops that would make it their own.

This week, we closed on that home in Oak Island. I am so happy for my buyer clients. I hope they spend many years making happy memories. As the husband said "it doesn't matter how much money you have in the bank if you can't breath.

He is a perfect example of live while you are alive.

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