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Some days are hard

Today I was reading a post from a high school friend who is struggling to find things to be thankful for. That got me thinking. Some days are just hard! Many deal with struggles even their closest friends don’t know about.

in her post she states she was thankful that her pajamas make her feel better. I CAN RELATE! I‘ve been wanting to buy some new clothes but find myself always going to the nice soft pajamas! A friend recently went shopping with me and said “we aren’t here for pajamas”! But, they are comfortable and I love to be comfortable. However they aren’t quite what I need to be showing up In public in!

Another shopping struggle is shoes. I hate buying them because nothing feels good. On top of that, I have been dealing with issues with my ankle that has left me in a brace. What shoes does the brace fit comfortable in? Sneakers and Crocs. I love Crocs but they aren’t really considered “professional”.

I mean would you take me seriously if I showed up in PJs and Crocs?

In all seriousness, times are tough. Show some grace for those who are struggling. If you see someone dressed a little more casual than you you think appropriate, show some grace. You don’t know what they are dealing with today.

Be thankful, grateful and remember to cheer on your friends. 💕

Today’s pic of struggling a bit and my fav shoes!!

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