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Selling a manufactured home

Are you planning to sell your manufactured home? Great! You know what the VIN number, usually found in the owners’ closet or under a sink, you need to provide this. It is important to understand that there is a difference between manufactured homes (also known as mobile homes) and modular homes. While the two types of homes may look identical, the difference has to do with the building codes that govern their construction. Manufactured homes are built according to a federal code promulgated by HUD, while modular homes are built according to whatever state and local codes are applicable to the location where the home will be placed.

In North Carolina, modular homes become part of the real property at the time of installation. In contrast, manufactured housing generally starts out as personal property. That status can change by following one of two procedures. If no title to the home has been issued by the DMV, the owner can file a “declaration of intent to affix the manufactured home” with the Register of Deeds. If a title to the home has been issued by the DMV, the owner can file an affidavit (on the DMV’s Form MVR-46G) with the DMV to remove the home from the DMV’s registration files. The DMV requires the owner to attach (or surrender) the original title to that affidavit. Once signed and returned by the DMV, the affidavit must then be recorded in the Register of Deeds’ office. Once that is recorded, the home will be considered real property.

When selling your home, it is best to consult a real estate agent who has had experience selling manufactured homes. Not every agent will want to be a listing agent on a manufactured home as they feel it will be harder to sell, however, I do not feel this way. Having bought and sold several manufactured homes, I am confident I have the knowledge to make your transaction flow easily.

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