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Reason #762 why you need a real estate agent

In a market as volatile as it is today, it is necessary to act fast. So today, even though it was pouring rain, I ventured out to do a video tour for a client.

I headed out the door in my rain coat and crocs, carrying along my water boots. I figured I’d put them on if needed. I was prepared!! As I head to Southport, hydroplaning a few times. I get to the quaint neighborhood and decide to forgo the boots.

At the door I remove my wet crocs and start the video tour. As I head to the back porch, I decide to get my crocs to show the back yard. I could see some puddled water, but thought "it can't be that bad". That’s where I was wrong! The water in the yard was deep enough to cover my shoes. Ugh! I mention in the video that I should have grabbed my boots. But I complete the job I set out to do and finished the video. Why didn't I just get the boots?

I hate wet feet. I hate dirty feet. This combination of wet muck nearly sent me over the edge. I couldn’t wait to get to my car and dry my feet off (I have sanitizing hand wipes) and head on out to the next stop. The time I was flying and had to take off my shoes at TSA and I didn't have socks rushed back to my brain. That ended with me grabbing my stuff, finding a seat and using hand sanitizer on my feet. This was long before Covid-19 too!

The moral of the story is…use an agent that would walk through a torrential downpour for you. Oh, and wear the boots!!

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