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Oh my aching back!!

Today we decided to do a thing…buy new living room furniture. Last year, I decided to get rid of our sectional because it didn’t fit in our new house. We went to a local store, picked out what we wanted and paid for it. After two months, I contacted them to see when we would get it. No one knew. I kept being told next week, then next month, then two more months, so I ended up canceling the order. I’d get them!!

I read review after review and found what I thought was going to be some awesome furniture online. It was here in just a couple weeks. Assembly required. UGH! My neighbors helped me carry it into the house and assemble. Note to self, read all instructions in all boxes first, it may save several hours!

Fast forward a year. I hate this couch. My husband hates this couch! I am not sure if the ones who reviewed it were frat boys or what, but they sure didn’t require neck support on their couch!!

This weekend, I saw an ad for some furniture and called around to see who had the specific model so I could try it out. (I did learn a lesson) That led me to Ashley Furniture on Carolina Beach Road in Wilmington. Cindi helped me find the couch in question and guess what? We hated it!

We sat on EVERY reclining sofa in the store and finally found the sofa, love seat and recliner we will have for the next several years!! My neck and back instantly felt better. My husband was ready for his afternoon nap!! The caveat, we will get it in 16 weeks! This time it will be okay because I know ahead of time. If it comes earlier, yay!! Maybe, just maybe I won’t have to have a weekly trip to the chiropractor anymore!!

Thank you Cindi!! You were my favorite kind of sales person. Not pushy, let us move around and circle back to the one we really liked.

It really is comfortable, I'm just not good with selfies! Look at that head support!

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