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It was an arts and crafts night!!

I recently had the pleasure to do an arts and crafts night with some of my friends at the AR Workshop Ocean Isle Beach. Oh what fun!! There are hundreds of projects to choose from and they let you use power tools!! There are woodworking projects, chunky knit blankets, and canvas projects.

My project was a tabletop tray, it didn’t require power tools, but was still fun. There were many stain and paint selections to choose from, so you could pretty much do anything you wanted.

Sabrina, Joanne, and Earl were a big help to all of us. Since each of the 5 of us had a different project there were different processes. Plus we weren’t the only ones there.

Now, I can’t wait for my new kitchen table to arrive so I can use this beautiful handcrafted piece.

If you are looking for something fun to do, I highly suggest giving AR Workshop a try.

Oh, on the way home, we hit up Spilt Milk for some donuts, just as they were closing. Sorry, not sorry!!

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