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Has wallpaper made a comeback?

All of those years ago, when I was a child, I remembered seeing so much wallpaper. It was everywhere. Then there were about 20 years of people peeling wall paper off the walls, sanding and painting. Is it now making a comeback?

I remember walking into my friends new home in the early 2000's and seeing the green ivy wall paper covering every wall of their bathroom. The thought of getting rid of that was real. It was bold and over powering in the days when most walls had gone back to simple paint. But now, if you watch the home shows on HGTV you see bright, bold prints appearing on walls across America. It doesn't matter what the decor style is, there is wall paper for it.

I love the looks of wallpaper, however, I am a bit intimidated by it. I struggle with choosing paint colors for a wall, adding wallpaper into that mix just makes my head spin! I understand that the application has gotten easier over the years. But the trauma of thinking about the trays of water, the glue and the worry that there may be a crease in the wallpaper is real to me. Do I pick a nice bold print or stick with the single color on white? Oh, so many questions.

Top: Acanthus Toss in Seafoam, by York Wallcoverings Courtesy of York Wallcoverings | Bottom: York’s Misty Mountain mural in Blue Courtesy of York Wallcoverings

If you were looking to purchase a home, would wallpaper turn you off or could you look past it? Is removing it easy to do? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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