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Fresh paint, fresh start!

When we moved into our house two years ago it was painted builder grade white. I liked the clean fresh look, but the paint was super flat and any scuff showed and you couldn’t clean it off. Well, the time has came and it was time to choose some colors and get the house painted. What a struggle! There are 8675309 colors of paint!

Most of the main living areas I wanted the same cohesive color with an accent wall. After weeks of hemming and hawing over what that color would be. I made the selection of a light gray and gave it to my painter. Paint day comes and he shows up with a 5 gallon pail and it has a much more blue hue to it than the 1” pain swatch showed! I am not sure if I like it and he has 5 gallon bucket of it! I can’t change my mind now. So, we went with it. It’s amazing how lighting changes the color of the walls. In some cases it looks white, others it looks gray and others it looks blue, it just depends.

Now that it is done, I love it. I have given away many of the items that I had previously hung on my white walls as they don’t mesh. But that is okay. New paint, fresh start.

So, how do you pick a color? What are the color trends? HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams has a great tool to help you with this. There are a lot of other places on the web that you can look for inspiration too. Now when it is cooler out and there isn't s much to do outside, give your house a freshening! Get painting!!

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