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DIY projects galore!

What a weekend around the Cotton household!! While my husband was getting the garage floor ready to epoxy, I decided I wanted to do something productive too. So, I decided to paint the front door. But what color?? The fact that I am very far from an interior decorator comes into play and the fact that I am not much of a painter was something else that popped into my head. Reluctantly, I went out to the garage to "ask permission" because generally my paint projects turn into Tom's projects. But, he had confidence I could do it!

We need to paint the interior of our home this fall, therefore I have lots of color swatches. The reason we have lived here for 20 months and haven't painted is because I cannot make a decision on colors. Decorating is something I struggle with! After much ado I choose a burgundy, teal or coral. I send these off to my fashionista daughter. She is much better at decorating than I am. She tells me to go with the coral. This seemed like a bold move. But, how bad can it be? If I don't like it we will repaint it, right? To say I was leery once the first coat went on, would be an understatement. But after the second coat, it looks amazing!!

Coral is a mix of orange, red and pink. In reading about what the color of your door means, orange is "fun and refreshing", and red is "welcome" according to I didn't read about that until after the door was painted, but I think it fits our home well.

Stay tuned for the flooring project.

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