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Breathtaking views

I have been participating in a 48 mile walk in the month of September with Mission 22. Mission 22 raises money and awareness of veteran suicide. September is also suicide awareness month. Being a spouse of a veteran, I am aware of the toll that deployments take. I have heard stories of those who have lost their battle. The statistics used to show 22 vets a day lost their fight. Now the stats show it to be 28, but 22 seemed to stick. I am hoping by participating one person will not lose their battle. They will find the resources they need.

Today to get my miles in I decided to walk in downtown Southport, NC. The beauty there is amazing. I took in the cites of Intercoastal Waterway, historic homes, parks, shops and restaurants. There is so much to see in Southport. Each day I walk there I plan to stop and take pics of things I didn’t notice before.

Here are a couple pics from today’s walk. There will be more in the near future, so check back!

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