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Being a military spouse

As a military spouse of a reservist, I've learned that flexibility is key. My husband serves part-time, typically one weekend per month and two weeks per year. However, he is a bit of an over-achiever and its never been just one weekend. It has been many week nights too! I know that military service is a priority for him and for the military as a whole. So, I try to support him and the military mission as best I can.

Deployments are not always planned, but we have been fortunate to have notice for them and they were not last minute. However, timing for the last two wasn't ideal as he missed our children's senior years of high school. But, he was home for graduation! He also got up in the middle of the night to video chat their senior nights and other milestones. I also think his training meant he missed five anniversaries in a row, but who is counting?

One of the biggest challenges I've faced as a military spouse of a reservist is building a sense of community. Reservists don't typically live on military bases or participate in the same activities as active-duty service members, so it can be more difficult to connect with other military families. I think having a community would have been great for the kids, but we lived too far away from a military installation. However, our community in Candor, NY was always there for them and for me too!

Despite the challenges, being a military spouse of a reservist has also been incredibly rewarding. I've developed a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices that military families make, and a stronger sense of pride in my husband's service.

Finding ways to celebrate my husband's service and recognize the sacrifices that our family is making has been important to me. Whether it's displaying a flag or attending a military ceremony, finding ways to honor my husband's service helps me feel more connected to the military community.

I'm proud of Sr. Chief, Tom Cotton's service, and grateful for the opportunity to support him and the military mission. Please say a prayer for his safety and the safety of all of our men and women in uniform as he prepares for deployment number 4! God Bless America

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