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"And all at once summer collapsed into fall" - Oscar Wilde

It is fall y'all!! There are projects that you should think about to get your home ready for the winter months. Were ever in the world you are, there are things you can do to protect and perfect your home. Here is a list of ten items to think about.

Paint your front door. This is something I have been thinking of doing, but cannot decide on the perfect color. Here is a link to an article that may help you decided the color.

Paint or repaint the interior walls and trim. Toward the end of fall as the weather hints of rain, snow and darker days it’s time to think about the last time you painted your walls, molding, and trim. Painting doesn’t only add to your home’s aesthetic, it can help cut down on dust and dirt throughout the year, as well. Plus, painting your molding or trim can completely transform a room, especially when you pair a crisp white trim with a rich wall color.

Power wash your homes exterior and driveway. After a full spring and summer of heat and humidity, fall is a good time to consider power washing your home. Power washing can make sure that your siding is free of dirt, mold or mildew, and it can give your house a clean glow heading into winter. If you do not keep your driveway clean, it can grow algae, mold, moss, mildew – all of which can result in the need for repairs.

Clean your gutters. If you didn't have a chance to get this done yet, do it before the next round of leaves fall. Make sure your gutters don’t get overloaded with leaves this fall! If you time this right you might be able to clean your gutters just as the last of the leaves drop, leaving your gutters sparkling clean through spring.

Repair exterior wood. After the dampness of spring and the heat of summer, fall tends to be a good time for exterior wood repair on your siding, porches or window casings. This home improvement project doesn’t pack the visual punch of a new door color, but it can easily save you thousands of dollars in other damages in coming years. This would also be a good time to touch up paint on your trim too.

Anytime wood is damaged or has wet rot or dry rot on your home, there is a potential for damage to compound. For example, neglecting wet or rotted wood on your front porch can lead to sags and breaks later, or even allow moisture inside your home. If your region tends to experience a dry fall, this is a good seasonal window to repair and seal your home before the rain and snow of winter.

Caulk or re-caulk windows. Water, bugs and drafty winds all love the nooks and crannies that unsealed or poorly sealed windows and doors provide. Though this might not be as exciting as a new color on the front door, it will save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

Re-mulch your perennials. Mulching around plants in autumn has all kinds of benefits, from preventing soil erosion to suppressing weeds to protecting plants from moisture loss and shifts in temperature. Read more at Gardening Know How: Fall Mulching Tips: Should You Mulch Plants In Fall

Switch Ceiling Fan Direction. Ceiling fans should turn clockwise in the colder months, which pushes warm air back down into the room. Most fans have a simple switch that reverses the direction.

There is plenty to do in the fall that doesn't just mean decorating with pumpkins and getting ready for Thanksgiving and the winter holiday season. There are many professionals that would be willing to help with many of these projects. If you hire someone, make sure they have references and never pay up front!

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