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A lifetime in the making

Twenty four years ago I was pregnant and overdue waiting my baby to arrive. We didn't know the sex, we were just hoping for a healthy, happy baby. December 16, eleven days overdue, my beautiful baby girl, Morgan, arrived.

At that time, the thought of her graduating from college seemed so far from reality. She was going to be my little girl forever! She surely wasn't going to grow up and be a Deputy Sheriff! That was the furthest from my thoughts.

She started her education at Buffalo State. In 2018 she decided to take the leap and transfer to Virginia Commonwealth University. She graduated in May 2020 with a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Crime Scene Investigation (she also has a minor in Forensic Anthropology from Buffalo State), but due to the pandemic was not able to attend an in person graduation until today.

Seeing her with other VCU graduates awaiting to get their degrees was moving. I do have to say I had tears. Tears of proudness. She, and all of those other students, overcame obstacles that many of us have never had to endure. She showed grit and determination when many would have caved. I am glad she decided to attend graduation even though it was a year and a half after her actual graduation. They all deserved to attend graduation.

So this is big week for my girl. Not only was she able to walk her graduation, she turns 24!!

I love you and I am so proud of you, Morgan.

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