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Love where you live

Back in 2019 when Tom got a job in Southport, NC we had no clue where that was. All we knew was that we weren’t going to have to shovel snow! We had traveled through and been to races in North Carolina, but never made it to the coast. When we arrived that Friday in August looking for a house, in an unknown area, we hit the JACKPOT!

We were driving down highway 211 on Saturday morning, waiting for our agent to get back to us, when we can upon stopped traffic due to an accident. We saw an “open house” sign and decided to turn into the community of Avalon of the Carolinas. The house we saw was a two story, which we didn’t think we wanted. Had the master been on the ground floor, we probably would have bought it. But that led to conversation with the on-site agent. She showed us a couple of one-story options and that was all she wrote!! We found our perfect home on a cul-de-sac, exactly what we wanted! The fact that it was brand new and we could pick the finishing’s was an added bonus. The only caveat was it wouldn’t be done until December!!

Little did we know what a great community we were joining. Not only are our immediate neighbors great, but the whole neighborhood has so many nice and friendly people. People who would drop what they are doing to help you or loan you a tool you may need.

There are many opportunities to meet others in the neighborhood. This weekend there was a meet and greet. Although we didn’t get a chance to meet a lot of people, as it was hot and everyone seemed to sit in the tree line of shade, it was nice to be out. Our social committee organized a band to play at our amenity center. The Tedward Brothers band played. Amazing food was offered by my friends (also neighbors), Buns In the Sun Concessions. The conversation with neighbors was AMAZING! We enjoyed watching kids on the tot lot and also “playing” pickle ball. It was fun.

Living the coastal life is what I was born to do. A fifteen-minute drive and you can be to the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. The food and restaurants are great. There aren’t many summer nights where you can’t find a band playing and something to do. Need something from a city? We are less than 45 minutes to North Myrtle Beach or Wilmington.

My goal is to help others find a home so they can love where they live.

The Social Committee tents for community information, sno-cones and popcorn.
Buns In The Sun Concessions

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