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Testing your limits and checking out some scary haunts

Southeastern North Carolina, with it its rich history and charming coastal towns, is a region known for its beautiful landscapes and vibrant communities. However, beneath the picturesque façade lies a realm of eerie tales and ghostly encounters. This area is home to several haunts that have captured the imaginations of locals and visitors alike. Here is a list of spine-tingling haunts that you may want to check out. None of these are from personal experience because this stuff scares me too much! Boo hoo!

New this year Port City Fear Factor presents the Chapel of Horrors - 921 Princess Street, Wilmington, NC Here at PCFF, we have created an immersive experience unlike the traditional haunted houses with which fans and patrons are familiar. Our intent is to create the feeling of being actively placed inside the plot of a horror movie, offering our customers far more than the expected jump scares.

Our first presentation, “Chapel of Horrors”, debuts this fall on its opening weekend of September 29, 2023. The attraction will operate weekends through its final night before Halloween and will include extended hours during our “festival weekend” at the end of October.

A century-old chapel with a history of death and dismay is now in the clutches of a malicious cult. Whispers are spreading of dark activity, and an even darker mission. But the only way to find out for sure… is to go inside. Unravel the mythos of this cursed chapel in semi-weekly story chapters on social media. And when the time comes, step into the horror yourself.

Stemming from the storyline which can be followed online via Instagram and Facebook, the posts that began July 14th are small, incremental sneak-peeks into the larger experience. This is where future customers of the haunt can read the tale of the Chapel, its eerie history, and surrounding folklore. Website

Panic Attack Haunted Attractions, 3245 Pine Level Church Rd, Nakina, NC. Panic attack is a winding walk through differently themed sections that will give you chills. For 2023, they have a new addition, twisted tales, and scary fairy tales. The limits will be pushed and lines will be crossed. Website

Grissettown Haunted Trail, 758 Longwood Rd, Ocean Isle Beach, NC The trail it’s a self-guided tour filled with interactive props and actors. Actors are firefighters and community volunteers. The trail takes about 30 minutes to complete. Money raised goes to help fund the fire department.

This is not a little kiddy attraction, although it is family friendly. There are thousands of man hours involved in putting together this trail, it takes an entire year to prepare.

Up for a hayride? The Hollerin Haunts Hayride might be your thing. Located at 2914 Bud Johnson Rd, Clinton, NC, Hollerin Haunts offers three attractions. First of which is: Enjoy a 30-minute ride of pure horror experience in the Haunted Hayride Attraction! Ride the tractor and encounter the terrors living in several buildings along the way, only in Clinton, North Carolina.

NC Zombie Hunt: Help cleanse the Zombie Apocalypse with our NC Zombie Hunt Attraction! Shoot zombies with paintball and get the feels for being a zombie-slayer! Join us here in Clinton, North Carolina.

The Darkness: Are you scared of the dark? Test your courage and survival skills in The Darkness Halloween Attraction! Find your way blindly through the farm in Hollerin Haunts Hayride in Clinton, North Carolina. Website

I am sure there are many, many more. But these are the ones that I could locate closest to Brunswick County, North Carolina.

Get out and find your scary side!!

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